After intense workouts, your body needs to recover. 

 Restore and recover from intense workouts with Yin Yoga.  This slow meditative form of Yoga lengthens connective tissue, increases flexibility, boosts circulation and reduces stress levels – giving your body and mind what it needs to prepare for your next workout.

Yin Yoga with Jessica

Sundays, 9am


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Meet Your Yoga Instructor – Jessica

Owner, Restore & Recover
Massage Therapist – Yoga Instructor

As a massage therapist since 2012 I have been focused on getting people to feel and function their best. I started practicing yoga when I started massage therapy training. I have always been a huge advocate for yoga and its ability to connect and calm down the mind and body. In January of 2021 I decided to dive further into yoga and completed a 200hr yoga teacher training program.

Yin Yoga classes are very calm and slow. They are appropriate for all levels of yoga. Poses are held for 1-3 minutes and are very passive poses. At no point should the body feel strained. At no point should there be any pain during a pose. 

This class is for people who have a need to bring balance to their bodies and mind and decompress from high intense workouts, high intense work environment and/or physically demanding lifestyle. People with this lifestyle tend to have muscles that are stuck in a state of contraction, compressed joints and facially bound bodies which can cause pain, discomfort and poor function. My classes are about creating space in the body and mind where space has been lost.