If you are serious about reaching your fitness goals, you will get results working one-on-one with the right trainer.  We provide high-level personal training with science-backed programming to max out each client’s potential.  We provide challenging and creative workouts and motivate clients to push past perceived limits to achieve results.

  • Get fast results
  • Maintain proper functional movement
  • Avoid injury
  • Lose fat and gain muscle
  • Break through plateaus
  • Stay motivated and committed
  • Live a better quality of life

Our trainers are professional, energetic, down-to-earth and  passionate about seeing you reach your goals.



Work one-on-one with a personal trainer


Two people share the session, but each one is coached individually while doing their own unique workout – great for families wanting  to train together

Ready to Get Started?

Before starting your personal training program, we conduct a fitness evaluation to assess body movements and fitness levels and identify possible areas of injury risk.  The evaluation establishes a baseline used to measure progress and show real results.

Register for your Free Fitness Evaluation on our Fitli booking site.  You’ll need to create an account by entering your name, email, and password to complete booking.