Change Your Life with Personal Training

If you’re looking to truly change your life, then you will want to invest in a personal training program. Whether you choose shared or 1:1 personal training, you’ll get:

  • a custom workout program designed around your goals, schedule & budget
  • workout modifications & progressions based on performance against goals
  • nutritional guidance to maximize workout performance & recovery

When you invest in us, we invest in you.


Shared Personal Training

Client to Trainer Ratio – 4:1
Up to 4 clients share the space with each working on their own custom program.  The trainer moves from client to client to provide guidance.


Single 55-Minute Session – $75
1x/week – 4 Session Pckg – $300
2x/week – 8 Session Pckg – $600
3x/week – 12 Session Pckg – $855 (5% discount)
4x/week – 16 Session Pckg – $1,080 (10% discount)

One-on-One Personal Training

Client to Trainer Ratio – 1:1


Danny (Master Coach)
$160/55-minute session

Maria (Trainer)
$80/55-minute session

All programs are written and designed by Master Coach

Get started on your personal training program

Complete this short fitness profile and then book your initial fitness evaluation/training session. 

At the end of the session, we’ll provide our specific recommendations for a custom personal training program based on your fitness goals, schedule and budget.

Initial Evaluation/Training Session – $80

Book a single session when you need it

(shared personal training)