If you prefer to work out at your own gym and can relate to any of these statements, an online coaching membership may be the solution for you:

I have trouble staying motivated and consistent with my workouts

I’m not sure what exercises to do to reach my goals

I work out all the time but just don’t see any changes

The process is simple. The results are incredible.

Complete your training assessment

Tell us about your fitness goals, history, limitations, workout routine and available equipment

Get a personalized training plan from your coach

Your coach designs a strength training plan specifically for you based on your goals and lifestyle 

Stay consistent and track your progress with the 3SF training app

Access your custom training plan from the 3SF training app so you can complete your workouts and visualize your progress

Workout Access

Get details for your workout
(exercises, sets, tempos, rest)

Videos & Tutorials

Ensure your form is on point for every exercise


Log your sets, reps and weights and track progress from week-to-week


Schedule workout days and get training reminders to stay on track


View a history of workout performance


Access educational fitness content

See fast results with 1:1 coaching

  • Your coach watches over your progress in the app  and makes modifications/provides guidance to accelerate performance
  • Regular check-ins to ensure you’re progressively overloading from week to week and to get feedback on your program
  • Ability to upload videos in the app for your coach’s review to ensure your form is on point
  • Every 9-12 weeks, your coach will write a new program for you based on your feedback and performance against goals
  • Ask questions through seamless 1: 1 communication with your coach

Online Coaching Membership

$165 / Month


1.  Complete Training Assessment

The first step of your Online Coaching Membership is to complete a training assessment, which gives your coach the information needed to design your custom program. 

2. Purchase your Online Coaching Membership

Once you complete purchase, your coach will begin designing your custom program.

3. Subscribe to the 3-Step Fitness Training App

After purchasing the Online Coaching Membership, you’ll be invited to subscribe to the 3-Step Fitness training app (included in your online coaching membership).

4. Meet Your Coach and Review Your Program

After you subscribe, your coach will upload your custom program to the app and reach out to you for an introduction and to address any questions you have about your workout program. Then you’ll be ready to start training!