Thanks for completing the training assessment!
Here’s what comes next …

#1 – Purchase your Online Coaching Membership – $165/Month

Once you complete your purchase, your coach can begin designing your custom training plan.

Membership is purchased on our Fitli booking site. You’ll need to create an account to complete your purchase.

* minimum 3-month auto renewal commitment required. If you don’t see results by then, you’re free to go – but we’re confident you’ll stay!

# 2 – You will receive an invitation to join Everfit, the platform we use for the 3SF Training App

Learn all about Everfit by watching this short video.

#3 – Your coach will upload your workout to the app

After you join Everfit, your coach will upload your program to the and reach out to say hello and address any questions

#4 – Review your workout and discuss any necessary modifications  with your coach

Your coach will ensure your workout out works for you.

#5 – Head to your gym and get that first workout in!

Your coach will hold you accountable and watch over your progress, providing motivation and expert guidance.