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If yes, we may be a great match!  At 3-Step Fitness, our goal is to ensure you reach yours.


Book Your Free Fitness Evaluation

The evaluation is free.  We start by talking about your fitness goals.  We then assess your body movements, strength, and fitness level. 

The evaluation is a great learning experience for both of us. You get a better understanding of your fitness level and if you decide you want to train with us, we know what to do to help you meet your fitness goals.  The evaluation also sets a baseline to measure progress and real results.

We’re a Personal Training Gym

That means we take your fitness personally.  We don’t do large group classes where you get lost in the crowd.  Even if you participate in one of our small group personal training sessions, you’ll have our attention.  We watch you and monitor you, making modifications if needed.  We know not everyone can afford one-one-one training so we offer options.  But all options are personal – and all about you


One-on-one, goal-based, challenging and creative workouts. Clients are motivated to push past perceived limits to achieve results.


Up to 4 people share the space, but each one is coached individually, doing a unique workout designed specifically for them.


Group sessions designed for 3-6 people with full-body workouts in a fun, competitive atmosphere.

What’s Your Fitness Goal?

Fitness goals vary from person to person and change often due to age, health, weight, activity level and more.  We develop custom training programs to ensure our clients reach their various fitness goals.

  • Gain Muscle
  • Build Strength
  • Improve Tone
  • Lose Fat / Weight
  • Maintain Weight
  • Get Fit
  • Relieve Stress
  • Live a Healthy Lifestyle
  •  Improve Endurance
  •  Live Longer
  • Increase Energy / Stamina
  • Improve Outlook / Mindset
  • Improve Sports Performance
  • Avoid Injury 
  • Regain Function after Physical Therapy
  • Reduce Chronic Pain
  • Stop Being Sedentary
  • Improve Cardiovascular Health

The Secret to Reaching Your Goal

It’s pretty simple.

No matter what your fitness goal, the steps you take to get there are basically the same.


You’ve got to put in the work.   Strength training is a critical component of any fitness goal.  We provide high-level training with a focus on biomechanics.  You will feel and see the difference.


Even the best training regimen won’t be effective if you don’t take your nutrition seriously.  We provide guidance and education about nutrition and its role in reaching your fitness goals.


Results only come from a focused mindset.  
  • Your fitness goal needs to become your focus – in and out of the gym
  • Make a commitment and invest in yourself – accept no excuses
  • Leave your problems outside the gym – gym time is serious time
  • Monitor your progress – our ongoing 3-month evaluations build confidence and keep you focused

Meet Danny – Head Personal Trainer and Owner

Certified Personal Trainer
BS Exercise Science

Seeing my clients reach their goals is what drives me.  I provide high-level training with a focus on biomechanics.  I take a science-backed approach when programming sessions to max out each client’s potential.

I have experience training a wide variety of clients including:

  • Those looking to get fit, stay healthy, lose weight, improve endurance, increase strength, tone up or just look and feel better
  • High school, college and adult athletes
  • Sports teams
  • Post-physical therapy patients
  • Employees of corporate-sponsored fitness programs

Let’s set your goals and get to work!

What our Clients Say …

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Danny since March 2019. I was specifically seeking someone that not only understood the science to increase my training results, but the importance of connecting that science with the proper mindset and nutritional support. The results for my mind and body have been fantastic. My strength and flexibility have increased, my ability to de-stress and harness that energy has become key and now working towards better endurance and muscle definition. I’m really looking forward to the next phase!

Teresa Race
St. Charles, IL

3 Step Fitness is a great place to train if you want to make big gains or just get into shape. I have been working with Danny, the head trainer, for over a year and I have seen big developments in my muscular physique and strength. As a kicker for football, I have been happy to see the balls I kick go farther due to this training. Danny is always positive and supportive during training and is very knowledgeable when it comes to the body. This is no doubt the place to train!

Jack Dummer
St. Charles North High School

Really thankful to get a chance to work with Danny. He combines exercise flexibility and nutrition! Hit my target goal and I’m heading for more. 💪

Mark Hodges
Elburn, IL

What a pleasure it is to be part of 3-Step Fitness. Danny is truly an excellent trainer. His professionalism, extensive knowledge and passion about fitness shows through his energy and enthusiasm in every session. With his perfect blend of training, nutrition and mindset, I can attest that this is not just a slogan but is the best approach to reaching your goals. More importantly, there is a plan for each training session. Although all trainers have their own methods, Danny explains each session by giving me the science behind what is going on with my body and how it can benefit me. He makes each workout challenging and creative. Whether it be mobility, stability or strength training he has pushed me, but not beyond what I am capable of. Danny teaches the right mindset and also places a high value on correct form with each exercise. He will motivate you to push past your perceived limits to get results. If you are serious about changing your life for the better, Danny will lead you every step of the way. I recommend him without reservation.

Pete Hanson
Geneva, IL

Since training with Danny, I have seen tremendous results in the weight room and on the field. Danny carefully constructed a plan for me that not only made me more explosive, but helped promote a healthier lifestyle. Thanks to my in-season regimen, I was able to hold the 2018 IFL league long (and my career long) field goal of 51 yards!

Mike Georgetti
NFL Free Agent


Take the first step to reaching your fitness goal by booking your free Fitness Evaluation.  We can’t wait to start the journey with you!